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Hartmann is a brand with a proud heritage of the finest craftsmanship over 135 years.

Hartmann was founded in 1877 by Joseph S. Hartmann, Bavarian trunk maker, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Hartmann has been making exquisitely crafted luggage, travel cases and fine leather goods for over 135 years.
Mr. Hartmann had a vision to build "luggage so fine it will stand as a symbol of excellence." Hartmann was soon a favourite for the most affluent travellers due to its quality, sturdiness and elegant designs.

As travel has evolved over time, so have travel cases, and from classic Pullmans for streamers and sturdy trunks for train cabins to the sleek carry-ons for today’s jetliners.

Hartmann has innovated the luxury travel experience across the decades, and continues to anticipate the ongoing evolutions in travels.


The Hartmann journey began in 1877. When great journeys were made on steamships, Hartmann was the choice of affluent travellers. As we moved into the era of railways and travelled far and wide. Hartmann became the luggage to be seen with, carried by celebrities and sporting icons. Modern travel continued to evolve And as we took to the skies, Hartmann continued to anticipate the needs of modern travel.

Hartmann was carried by Presidents in office, and bore the names of great modern designers. We evolve with the changing landscape of travel , Our drive for timeless design, Exquisite quality. This is the proud of Hartmann story.